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On Fri, 2 May 1997, James S Mitchell wrote:

> Come on people, I think the vast majority of us (even
> though there are few) would agree that this is the 
> right thing to do. There is a reason that gimp-devel 
> does it after all.

I think the reason is that it's a Good Idea (TM).

> I cant speak for others, but I personally receive
> about 75 messages a day. procmail would work fine
> if I just wanted to lurk, but it sucks for replying.
> It is hard enough to determine what to read now and
> what to read later _WITH_ such tags.

Pah!  I receive ~200 a day, mostly from lists, and
the ones which don't have useful tags are a problem.
I can't possibly read all of them, but at least the
ones with such tags don't cause me to remove personal

> Honestly, why is this such a problem to implement?

It isn't.  majordomo has a nice config option to do
just this.  And if people had taken up my kind offer
to host the list here, it would have been done by


PS.. Olaf - linux-alert, and linux-security both tag
    their subject lines.  And they're both @redhat.

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