[gtk-list] <--- GOOD!

99% of dentists surveyed preferred [gtk-list] in front
of all their messages from the gtk-list.

When asked if they wanted this functionality added by
the list server or procmail, the general consensus was
that flossing reduces plaque buildup in hard to reach
places and that procmail is a crappy solution..

Come on people, I think the vast majority of us (even
though there are few) would agree that this is the 
right thing to do. There is a reason that gimp-devel 
does it after all.

I cant speak for others, but I personally receive
about 75 messages a day. procmail would work fine
if I just wanted to lurk, but it sucks for replying.
It is hard enough to determine what to read now and
what to read later _WITH_ such tags.

Honestly, why is this such a problem to implement?


James Mitchell
CSci Systems Staff
University of Minnesota

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