Re: Gtk/Perl syntax

Words Of Owen Taylor:
>I'm ambivalent about exporting - the only thing you gain is one character
>(gtk_init instead of Gtk::init). It would allow making Gtk not a
>toplevel module though ...

I guess I don't like to use ::'s in any of my code because I prefer to
view things inside packages as private.  Most things seem to follow
this by exporting and using objects.

One other thing I was thinking, but might not like as much, is to
create a gtk object (via new) and create all objects from that
"master object" so that you do not have to do Gtk::button_new but
instead $button = $gtk_obj->button_new();  This would not be a parent
in this case, but would allieviate the ::'s.  Everything else you
have would work with this easily and new() would be about 5-10 lines.
New could also do "init", so that it is not an extra call.

That method would also facilitate setting any gtk global variables
without setting mysterious variables in the package; a little "cleaner"
way to do it.  (?? No, I don't know what that would be -- perhaps in 
the future something like which widget style to draw.)

Just additional ideas for the idea pool...

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