RE: Resource parser

On 02-May-97 Richard D. Jackson wrote:
>Now that we have a list spicificly for GTK it is time to use it....
>I'm starting work on a new fvwm module in particular a new button bar
>using the notebook widget. One of the things I want is to be able to use
>a single resource file for it versas two, one for gtk and one for my

>What does everyone think about this? I would realy like to have it
>included in the base lib. 

        Sounds like a very cool idea. I think this would addres alot of the issu
es involved in making a good command pallete for The GIMP as it is a similar ide
a (runtime-configurable button bar). Being able to load and save a config file 
would be very important. I am thinking about possibly trying to start on the com
mand pallete idea, but not sure if my programming skills are up to par. 
        Sounds like the two ideas could potentially share a lot of code. It woul
d also make a nice mega-widget for possible inclusion in other projects. Oh well
, just a few thoughts. 

Adrian Likins
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Adrian Likins

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