Resource parser

Now that we have a list spicificly for GTK it is time to use it....

I'm starting work on a new fvwm module in particular a new button bar
using the notebook widget. One of the things I want is to be able to use
a single resource file for it versas two, one for gtk and one for my

What I'm starting to work on is modifying gtkrc.c such that it is
capable of these things...

1) find a global application resource file. Reading this one first..
2) Merg in a local user resource file for things they want to chang...
3) Add a way for the resource parser to be extended so that it can
handle application defined resources. 

Above things first then What I also realy want to do after I get that
working correctly is add one more thing. 

1) The ability to write changes back to the resource file. That way if
the user interactivly changes some settings or what ever it can be
saved. I am going to do this in such a way that the user can still hand
edit the file if they want.

What does everyone think about this? I would realy like to have it
included in the base lib. 

Richard Jackson

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