Re: GTK Wave Editor

On Thu, 1 May 1997, Adam D. Moss wrote:

> > Basically, I hope to have a working framework which will load and save
> > (.au and/or .wav)
> .au is sort-of-okay but the non-8khz versions are *still* unsupported
> by many audio handlers (sigh).  .wav is just plain broken (I have
> never, NEVER seen any player which is fully bug-compatible with the
> mswindows wav-handling layer).
> Personally I'd plump for .aiff (quite sensible) or .ogg (OggSquish -
> best lossless audio format I've seen).

OK.  I'll implement one, flexible but relatively simple file format.
If .au falls into this category, then I'll do that.  Otherwise, it'll
probably have to be .aiff - I would just like enough working, well
structured code to be able to release it to the unsuspecting world out
there.  (And have them write the rest of it :-)  .wav files are definitely
out, though, as I-ve seen the file format - it's _rank_.

> > files, display them in a handy wave-like format (you
> > all know what I mean), play and record (relatively important) via /dev/
> > entries, and have some hard-coded stuff (normalise, etc) in there.
> What would be most important for me would be for the program to handle
> multitrack mixing (similar concept to layer composition, I envisage).

I'll _probably_ leave that for later, but it sounds like a great idea.
A mate of mine (chris@ferret) is currently writing a combined MIDI
sequencer/tracker which will allow loading of samples and playing them as
instruments and usage of MIDI instruments as samples.  Sounds like a
clever idea - I'd like, eventually, to have this wave editor available as
a "plug-in" to his package.  (Nested plug-ins - nice idea!)

> > If anyone thinks that keeping it to myself is a bad thing, then feel
> > free
> I think that it's a good idea to have coded the core of the
> application before opening it up - like GIMP. =)

That's what I thought.  The big problem is that I'm probably not the best
person to code the core of the app :-)  Will be a good way to learn, tho'.

Anyway, I would still appreciate help, even if I am keeping the
development closed for now.

Cheers everyone,

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