Re: anyone here yet?

Words Of Otto Hammersmith:
>Hello all,
>Just wondering if there's anyone listening, yet. :)
>If there are people out there, what is everyone doing with GTK?  I've
>seen some interesting projects, but want to get a handle on what
>people are trying to do... don't want to duplicate any effort, now do

I'm working on a calendar widget.  I have v0.01 done and will put it
up for ftp soon.  It really sucks right now because it is too slow
and is seriously lacking in the features it requires.  But it is a
starting place. ;-)

I'd like to do some docs in the tutorial area based on things I am 
quickly learning as I go along.  

Is this list going to be archived?  It would be a *very* good thing.

Shawn T. Amundson		University of Minnesota
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I'm fairly convinced that when God drinks beer, he drinks Guinness.

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