Re: [gtk-list] [Fwd: Stupid feature requests]

On Thu, 12 Jun 1997, Martynas Kunigelis wrote:

> BRW, I'd like to get the documentation in html format so I can browse
> it with Netscape at home. I do *not* want to convert it myself. Could
> someone upload a tar/gzipped html gtk documentation somewhere? I think
> a lot of people would appreciate that...

Look at this if you have not yet:

The specific pages you want to download to your machine are:

This is the only place to get them in html that I know of.  I do not
have time to gzip them, but they are not so huge anyway. (I'm lazy too!)
I'm fairly sure they are up-to-date with the most recent distribution.
(I don't think they changed since GIMP 0.99.9.)

I've expanded the "Where is documentation for GTK+" question in the FAQ
to account for this additional info. ;-)  SGML is very cool, BTW.

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Systems Administration	 	Computer Science System Staff     	

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