Re: [gtk-list] Re: Creating objects in gtk+ ??

On Mon, 28 Jul 1997, Bawer Dagdeviren wrote:

> I have been playing around with menus a couple of days now, those things
> are trickier than they seem =)... Well, finding them that tricky I
> thought to myself: "why should the next gtk newbie be forced to plow
> through numerous lines of source-code just to get a grip on menus, I
> should write a tutorial!". Do you think that there would be a need for
> one? Certainly all who have been using gtk for a while know how menus
> work, but as I said: I found it pretty complicated at the beginning, so
> I figured since I'm not THAT retarded someone else could need a tut. =)

I've been messing around with GTK for a while and still haven't taken
the time to figure out menus.  :-(

I think if you wrote a tutorial it would be much appreciated!


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