How do I... with labels

Could anyone out there tell me how (if possible) to get a label to
word-wrap it's contents? I am currently using a label inside a viewport
(don't ask me why :) ) but it doesn't wrap (it probably shouldn't
Another thing: Is there currently a widget, or if not, does anyone have
an idea on how to make a widget that could work as a "channel-window" in
an irc-client for example. What I mean is a widget that displays its
text, word-wrapped but doesn't have to allocate memory for all the text
it contains (imagine yorself what sitting on an irc channel for 4-5
hours could do  to your memory if, say, a single label was used to hold
all that text). I hope I was clear enough, I feel a bit tired, so I'll
blame the fuzzyiness on that. =)


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