I want a GNOME-free GIMP!

>>>>> "Federico" == Federico Mena <federico@nuclecu.unam.mx> writes:

    >> 2. How about supplying pixmaps with your plug-in. What's the
    >> final word: where do they go? (BTW, how do you introduce
    >> transparancy into an XPM?)

    Federico> Hmmmm.  For now I would include the XPM data into the
    Federico> source files.  This will be fixed after 1.0, when we can
    Federico> use the libraries from the GNOME project in the GIMP.

I asked in another mail, but this statement makes it really important:

        Will there be ways to make an app run either with or without
        gnome?  Config-time would do nicely thanks.

I think it would be a BIG mistake to make the GIMP depend on an
installed gnome lib (even if it's just the lib).

This might be read as "We use the GIMP's popularity for pushing
GNOME".  Which is very... like Micro$oft's efforts to push MSN via
W95.  Yes, just as bad.

So: Use libgnome as much as you please, as long as the GIMP can be
configured to run without.  Without losing essential features, of

If the GIMP should depend on GNOME... I don't think it would make it
more popular.

Bye, J

PS: Really, no GNOME-dependend GIMP.  I mean it!  (Okay, that's pretty
much an empty threat...)

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