Re: [gtk-list] Re: Tracking object deletion

On 11 Dec 1997, Owen Taylor wrote:
> While I'm on the subject, I'll bring up a related issue:
> When should Marius's patches go in? (See his post a few weeks ago for
> more details) It will break most existing apps in a few easy-to-fix
> ways, and possibly in more subtle ways if they tried to do
> sophisticated things. (But if they did so, they are probably broken,
> since GTK can't do those sophisticated things now).

I'd like to see it soon, put I only see this from the gtk PoV. so...

> The looming specter is the release of the GIMP. It's probably better
> to make the changes now, while the GIMP is (barely) prelease, then
> break compatibility later. But the opposing view is: "things almost
> work now for the GIMP, wait until later, to do things that might
> introduce bugs"

The question is:
Do you want a dev tree like linux (stable version/dev version) and
several trees at the same time?
This problem will appear as soon as the Gimp 1.0 will be out if the
important changes (like this one) are delayed.

As one of the maintainers, you can understand the better than me (us?).



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