Good day,

are there any clipboard functions in GTK? From
reading function-names I would guess, that the
selection stuff has that purpose, but I could
not find any info about that.

Are there any attempts to port the GDK to
LinuxGGI. Currently, the GDK only renames
the corresponding X functions, which does
not make much sense, unless this extra
layer is being used to port GDK to something
else. As other operating systems hardly can be
a useful target to port to, LinuxGGI is
would be the only useful platform to port
the GDK to.
I actually ask for a specific reason. I am
porting the wxWindows C++ GUI library to
the GTK and I also would like to make it
possible, to write LinuxGGI programs with
wxWindows. If the GDK were ported to LinuxGGI,
I would get that for free. Otherwise I will
take a different approach.


     Robert Roebling

Robert Roebling <>

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