Re: [gimp-devel] Timers?

"Adam D. Moss" <> writes:

> Did GTK timers break in the last official (December) GTK release?  I
> ask because I just noticed that since I upgraded my GTK, the GIMP
> 'Animation Playback' plugin now plays animations as fast as possible,
> instead of with the timing it was given.

Well, it is certainly _possible_ that something broke - there were
major changes in the handling of timers recently. But I did some
extensive torture testing, and the timer test in testgtk still works,
so I am pretty certain that _all_ timers are not broken.

BTW, timers in GTK (as before) are not too reliable on their delivery 
time - If a timer takes 4 seconds to execute and is set up to
occur every ten seconds, it will occur every 14 seconds ... and
so forth. If people care about having semi-accurate (but not reliable)
timers, this could be fixed, at the expense of a slight loss in
performance. (An extra call to gettimeofday() per main loop iteration)


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