Re: [gtk-list] Re: Newbie--Problem installing GTK

Raph Levien <> writes:

> Yes. Apparently the problem is that some of the internationalization stuff
> that's been recently added to gtk+ is dependent on glibc. I also had
> 971201 fail to compile on my machine, which is mostly a stock RedHat 4.1
> box. 

Well, more precisely, it is dependent on functions in the recent
X/Open Unix standard.

These dependencies seem to be:

* The inclusion of <wchar.h> to get the functions wcslen, wcscpy
and wcncpy. These seem to be present in <wcstr.h> on some machines
(could people who are having problems check?) -DX_LOCALE could
also be forced in the absence of wchar.h, since these functions
can be gotten from the X library.

On the other hand, they currently aren't used anywhere anyways...
(as evinced in by the typo in the line:

#define wcsncpy(a,b,c)  _Xwcsnpy ((a),(b),(c))

* The use of iswalnum() in gtkentry.c. 

This is a more fundamental problem as it isn't included in the
X libraries. (So it won't work properly with -DX_LOCALE in effect
even if your libc has it!) But I'll add something like
HAS_WCTYPE_H to remove the compilation problems.

> I think the best way to handle this problem is to detect for wchar.h in 
> the configuration script, and disable the inclusion of wchar.h if not 
> present. In the meantime, the following works for me:
> * Comment out both occurrences of the #include <wchar.h>.
> * Add this line near the top of gtk/gtkentry.c:
> #define iswalnum isalnum

Looks like a good workaround. 


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