Re: [gtk-list] Accessing gtk from guile

Federico Mena <> writes:
> Wow... that sounds very interesting.  I'd certainly like to take a
> look at it.

I'll try to put the code at

> I tried Pete's gtk-interp and it looks good, although it
> looks too much like the C version of gtk at this stage.

Yeah, that's true.  But my version looks exactly the same.  It should
not be difficult to implement a nice high level Scheme toolkit on top
of it once we know how it should look like.

> Could you give me some details on the status of your project?  Miguel
> and I would certainly like to help.

Its only a quick hack to try out the basic mechanisms.  Every Gtk
function that you want to use has to be added manually (only one line
of Scheme, but still).

Right now, I'm mostly interested in what other people are doing about
Guile/Gtk.  It looks like Gtk is getting an even more regular
interface that is more suited for interpreted languages (look at
simple.c in gtk+970606).

I'm very interested what Peter has to say about it...

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