resizing & MAPPED prob on notebooks

hi there,

i finaly found the reason why some of the notebook widgets are displayed
at the same time, eventhough they are not on the same page.

on one of my notebook pages i'm using a GtkOptionMenu and i need to
change the active menu item from time to time.
so i called (after changing <menu>)

> gtk_option_menu_set_menu(GTK_OPTION_MENU(widget), menu)

this function later on causes a call to gtk_container_check_resize()
wich walks up the widget tree.
so later gtk_real_container_need_resize() gets called with the notebook
as container (wich is MAPPED) and the hidden notebook page as widget
(which is *not* MAPPED) that contains the option menu.
now there are three lines in this function:

>          if (GTK_WIDGET_MAPPED (container) &&
>              !GTK_WIDGET_MAPPED (widget))
>            gtk_widget_map (widget);

these cause the hidden (UNMAPPED) page to display itself together
with the current page ;(

i'm not sure what the solution should look like, but as the
real problem has been recognized, there should be someone
of you out there who is a little bit more knowledgeable about
the resizing stuff than me and might come up with a good
workaround... (hope so! ;)


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