Re: Error due to #including FT_ERRORS_H

Thanks John. That is indeed a FreeType issue.  I replied to your post on the
FreeType mailing list.

On 16-01-20 02:16 PM, John Emmas wrote:
Is this the right list for reporting pango development issues? Assuming it is...

I updated freetype2 a few days ago (i.e. I pulled the latest source code from
git) and I've just realised that pango fails to build now (with MSVC).  The
problem is at these lines, round about line 540 of 'pango/pangoft2.c':-

      static const ft_error_description ft_errors[] =
    #include FT_ERRORS_H

    #undef FT_ERRORDEF
    #undef FT_ERROR_END_LIST

      ft_error_description *found = /* <-- ERROR HERE !!! */
        bsearch (&error, ft_errors, G_N_ELEMENTS (ft_errors),
             sizeof (ft_errors[0]), ft_error_compare);

MSVC gives me:-  'error C2275: 'ft_error_description' : illegal use of this
type as an expression'.  To be honest, I suspect that the actual error might
be a few lines earlier - i.e.

      static const ft_error_description ft_errors[] =
    #include FT_ERRORS_H

My best guess is that something got changed somewhere in
'freetype/fterrors.h'.  It does look like something got done (about a week
ago) to remove underscores from some macro names but I'm not sure why that
would cause this problem.  Can anyone hazard a guess at what might be wrong? 

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