Re: Need help understanding how things fit together

On 15-01-20 11:40 PM, Mindaugas Jaunius wrote:
Behdad, maybe your presentation using these slides were ever recorded and the
video is available somewhere?

Unfortunately the IUC conference is not recorded :(.  I've voiced my opinion
to the organizers.

Also what is the status of harbfbuzz/pango
integration to android? I saw you mentioned it in slides.

HarfBuzz has been integrated in the Android platform for many years now, as
part of the platform.  Native apps can ship with their own bundled HarfBuzz
and even Pango.  There are a few example bundlings on github.

I can answer more specific questions more specifically :).


2015-01-20 21:20 GMT+02:00 Behdad Esfahbod <behdad behdad org
<mailto:behdad behdad org>>:

    On 15-01-20 11:10 AM, Anthony Kraft wrote:
    > FT has a function FT_Get_Char_Index to get a glyph index from a unicode char
    > code. Therefore, it seems you can feed Unicode + font file to FT directly and
    > rasterize. What is the benefit of using HarfBuzz to do the unicode to glyph
    > mapping instead of using FT directly?

    HarfBuzz does what's called "complex" shaping.  Ie, if you use
    FT_Get_Char_Index, you won't get the correct shapes for Arabic, Indic
    languages, Thai, etc.  You won't get things like ligatures, mark positioning,
    etc either.

    See images here:

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