Re: Pango and Android

On 15-12-18 11:39 PM, Pere Pujal i Carabantes wrote:
Hi Behdad, Thanks for replying

El dv 18 de 12 de 2015 a les 16:34 +0000, en/na Behdad Esfahbod va
On 15-12-15 10:44 PM, Pere Pujal i Carabantes wrote:
Any hints to debug this?

Humm.  Not really.

When you say "messed up", care to explain how?

I think better attach a screenshot, note that it is scaled by SDL then
zoomed by Android accessibility, the text inside the buttons should be
Pinta Estampa    -> Paint Stamp
LĂ­nies Formes    -> Lines Shapes

Humm; hard to tell what's going on.

I've noticed that when applying the workaround mentioned in the
previous mail, then the font used to render the text changes from what
looks like a sans font to a serif one.

Is it possible that the SDL layer assumes that the text is all shaped using
the same (primary) font?  That's obviously not how Pango works...


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