Pango and Android

Hi all,

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Background for the Pango devs >>>
This year's GSOC Jianwei Zhang ported Tux Paint to Android, it uses SDL
SDL_Pango Pango for rendering text, you can find the sources and the file used to compile Pango at
<<< Background

It performs fine in old(4.0.3) and new(5.0) Androids, however in some
4.3 and 4.4 non ASCII text is messed up.

I found a strange workaround that is to set 

SDLPango_SetLanguage(font->pango_context, "ca") 

in jni/tuxpaint/src/tuxpaint.c
This works for Catalan, Spanish and French, instead setting

SDLPango_SetLanguage(font->pango_context, "es") or "fr"

doesn't work for any language.

Any hints to debug this?

Thanks for any input

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