Re: ["gtk-i18n-list"] Font Rendering backends


There might be so many possibilities of the reason why they
are different, so I recommend to post the screenshot how
they are rendered differently. However, I'm unfamiliar with
the font backend in Emacs...


Michael Gummelt wrote:

I'm just learning how font rendering on linux works, and I'm trying to
understand why my fonts look different in terminator (a gnome application)
and graphical emacs.  The terminator man page says that the font config can
be set to a "Pango font name", which suggests it's using Pango to render
fonts.  My font, DejaVu Sans Mono, looks great in terminator, but not so
good in graphical emacs.  I assume graphical emacs is using raw xft?  But I
thought Pango uses xft as a backend, so they should look the same, right?
My question is, what is the separation of duties of each of these font
tools, and why might the same font be rendered differently in each
application?  Is there any way to get emacs to render fonts as well as



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