Pango vs Harfbuzz

Hi All,

This is my first post to this list as I get started at looking at font and language support for one of our applications. Our application runs on an embedded target and I want to make its language support independent of the operating system.

So, it seemed that implementing a stack based on Pango, Cairo, freetype and font config might be a good option since we could bundle the necessary fonts, etc. with our application and it could handle the necessary stuff within the application. We already use UTF-8 within the database for all the dynamic text/ searchable entities, so we thought we should be fine.

However, as I started exploring, I read: and got rather confused about Harfbuzz - should we use Pango or should we use Harfbuzz or should we use both? Our target is a GL-ES 2.0 device (iOS, Android, Windows CE, etc.) and we are unsure if we should use GL directly or should we use Cairo (probably a question for a different mailing list).

It may be that I am not providing the correct information that you need (since it's my first time here).

Best Regards,
8/9/2012 | 12:43 PM.

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