Re: [Pango] Thread-safety status/workaround?

On 05/15/11 15:41, Matthias Gehre wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> I have a question regarding the status of thread-safety in pango.
> I found an old thread announcing some work on that aspect,
> but I could not find any confirmation of that it is actually safe
> to use it from multiple threads now.
> To clarify, we have the following scenario:
> We develop an NPAPI plugin, which we want to use pango for text
> rendering. The NPAPI plugin usually runs in a thread of the browser,
> for
> example firefox. But firefox also uses pango for text rendering, and there
> are no means to synchronize our usage of pange with that of firefox.

FF4 runs NPAPI plugins in a separate process by default.  I believe Chrome
does the same.

> Is this still a problem in current pango? If yes, are there ambitions
> to fix that or is an usable workaround available?

It still is a problem.  No concrete plans to fix it at this time.


> Thank you!
> Best regard,
> Matthias Gehre
> P.S.: Please CC Alessandro Pignotti <a pignotti sssup it>, thanks!
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