[Pango] Thread-safety status/workaround?

Hello everybody,

I have a question regarding the status of thread-safety in pango.
I found an old thread announcing some work on that aspect,
but I could not find any confirmation of that it is actually safe
to use it from multiple threads now.

To clarify, we have the following scenario:
We develop an NPAPI plugin, which we want to use pango for text
rendering. The NPAPI plugin usually runs in a thread of the browser,
example firefox. But firefox also uses pango for text rendering, and there
are no means to synchronize our usage of pange with that of firefox.

Is this still a problem in current pango? If yes, are there ambitions
to fix that or is an usable workaround available?

Thank you!

Best regard,
Matthias Gehre

P.S.: Please CC Alessandro Pignotti <a pignotti sssup it>, thanks!

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