Re: Problem with charactermap(?)/utf8 - pango+cairo on win32 (without gtk)

Oh ! Thank You ! So fast !!!!

Am Samstag, den 24.04.2010, 20:03 +0300 schrieb Tor Lillqvist: 
> This question is probably more suitable for some gtk# -specific
> mailing list? But anyway, are you sure that the DllImport attribute is
> such such that ithe string that gets passed to pango_layout_set_text()
> is in UTF-8 (and not in the system ("ANSI") codepage)?
> --tml

Yes - I'm sure. Because of three "Boxes" (for aou-Umlaut) and the exact
Number of "?" for Cyrillic chars.
I don't use gtk#, and so i think, this list is the right one ... :-)
I do not understand (yet) the mechanism of fontconfig, scripts and
languages in pango -> there (i think) is the problem. I think, that i
have to initialize something or set some "mapping" or ....

But thank you very, very much for the fast reply.
Greetings from Berlin

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