How to add new font information (Amelia.pfr) to fontconfig database

   I am trying to add Amelia.pfr font file information.

  Able to load font files which are in C:\WINDOWS\Fonts folder.

  I have kept Amelia.pfr font file in bin directory.  and fonts.conf and libfontconfig-1.dll are kept in proper position.

i am trying in the following way

char *fontFile = "Amelia.pfr";
FcConfig *config = FcInitLoadConfigAndFonts();
FcBool ret = FcConfigAppFontAddFile(config, reinterpret_cast<const FcChar8*>(fontFile));
ret = FcConfigSetCurrent(config);

But when i am trying to load it through pango it is unable to load this file. But its loading another font.
How to do this.


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