Re: PangoCairo help

Ricchetti, Andrea wrote:
> Hi,

Hi Ricchetti,

> I’m very new user of Linux World.

Welcome then!

> I’m doing a program for rendering text using pango cairo.

Right choice.

> I need rendered text on the Video Memory. I’ve developd a class to
> access to the frame buffer, and it’s work correctly.
> Which is the correct way to start? I mean I’ve to created a cairo
> context and the I’ve to copy byte per byte (copy the context on the
> frame buffer with an appropriate loop).

If you have a cairo context already, pangocairo doesn't care about anything
else.  Just search the web for pangocairo examples and use that to draw to
your context.

There's some samples in the docs section of

> Can you tell me more or send some example?

(I'm writing this in a plane with no internet connection.  If you can't find,
send me a note off list and I'll find them for you.)

> Thanks a lot.
> Andrea


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