Re: extending Pango Attributes

Paul Plaquette wrote:
> Hello,
> for a project I have to add specific tag  that come with attributes.
> I also have to support pango span tag and its attributes as the set of
> pango facility markups.
> Looking at PangoAttributes,  I am thinking to use that data structure as
> a basis and to extend it for the use of my specific markup call it mymarkup
> and its attributes. It should also possible to use most of the mecanism
> that deals with pango attributes and list of attributes.
> i could first parse my own set of markups and attributes using Markup.
> and then parse the reste of the text using pango_parse_markup().

That should work.

> i send this message to take advice form the community:
> do you think it is possible to do it ?

Should be possible, but a bit of a pain.  We want to make pango markup
extensible, but have not came up with the design yet.


> thanks,
> Trilda
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