Re: Font Quality Windows Vista64

Jeremy Moles schrieb:
Hello all! I'm writing a cross platform OpenGL application that uses
Pangocairo to render fonts. In Linux, the results I get are
superb--arguably better than anything else out in a 3D application. :) I
couldn't happier.

However, I setup my development environment for Windows last night
(using the free MSVC2008) and used the gtk+ "bundle" linked to on the
Pango website. In Windows, using the same code, the quality I get is
pretty wretched--there's literally no hinting, and the glyphs sometimes
appear to be off-by-one pixel or so.

What I'm looking for are some hints as to how to get the best quality
fonts in Windows. Is there a way to force Pango to use a particular
backend? Is there a configuration problem perhaps? Does anyone else use
Pangocairo in Windows and get high-quality results?
I do not know exactly what you mean, but I experienced that font rendering to bitmaps with an alpha channel via Cairo looks ugly on Windows (Subpixel rendering gets wrong).
Maybe you are also using ARGB buffers.

If you do not realy need an alpha channel, use RGB buffers as a workaround.

Another workaround might be to use paths (pango_cairo_layout_path() ... cairo_fill() ) instead of directly printing text. But this eventually slows things down in large texts and it is not trivial to implement when you want to use different colours.


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