Font Quality Windows Vista64

Hello all! I'm writing a cross platform OpenGL application that uses
Pangocairo to render fonts. In Linux, the results I get are
superb--arguably better than anything else out in a 3D application. :) I
couldn't happier.

However, I setup my development environment for Windows last night
(using the free MSVC2008) and used the gtk+ "bundle" linked to on the
Pango website. In Windows, using the same code, the quality I get is
pretty wretched--there's literally no hinting, and the glyphs sometimes
appear to be off-by-one pixel or so.

What I'm looking for are some hints as to how to get the best quality
fonts in Windows. Is there a way to force Pango to use a particular
backend? Is there a configuration problem perhaps? Does anyone else use
Pangocairo in Windows and get high-quality results?

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