Re: HarfBuzz in Fedora 12?

On 12/31/2009 09:07 PM, Petr Tomasek wrote:


I've installed Fedora 12 + the syriac Meltho fonts(*), however the
shaping is totally wrong (with all: pango based programs like gedit or
abiword and ICU based applications like OOo and XeTeX).

The fonts appear, but apparently no shaping is involved - the letters are
not connected and the punctuation is not placed to the right position.

I wonder, whether in Fedora 12 the new HarfBuzz is used or not.
I am little confused about this blog entry:

F12 still uses all the Pango modules for Syriac / Arabic / .... So it should all work. File a bug if it doesn't. Would help if you can try with F11 also.

(Also, would older / non-OTF version of the font help? I remember
In some previous version of pango the syriac displayed OK...)

No.  Non-OpenType fonts are unusable by Pango.


Thank You,
Petr Tomasek


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