Re: Pango cross-compile failure (ARM)

Dear Behdad,

I have found out that the compiler automatically aligns the data to double word alignment, and that means its screwing up the static asserts because the assumed sizes are no longer valid. Have tried adding __attribute__((packed)) to the affected structures, but still there are places still not working. Is there any other way of working around it?

Thanks very much and Best Regards

William To

On Wed, Dec 9, 2009 at 4:16 PM, Behdad Esfahbod <behdad behdad org> wrote:
On 12/09/2009 01:32 AM, William To wrote:
Dear All,

First of all, I am new to the world of Pango and gtk-i18n, so excuse my
lack of knowledge.


This is a problem I am facing right now with pango-1.26.1 when
cross-compiling to arm-hardfloat-linux-gnu:

I tracked down to the source and it seems that a static assertion on the
size of the USHORT/SHORT failed (too small or too large, I don't know)

That's a deal breaker.  It's basically this struct:

struct USHORT {
 char v[2];

So if the size is not 2 bytes, you need to debug and see why your compiler is doing that.  And possibly find a solution.  I can't help much with that.


has failed and the build is stuck here. It is possible to remove the
ASSERT_SIZE in the header file, but then it won't build either.

Here are my environmental variables:

export COMPILER=$CC_PATH/arm-hardfloat-linux-gnu-gcc
export CC=$CC_PATH/arm-hardfloat-linux-gnu-gcc
export CPP=$CC_PATH/arm-hardfloat-linux-gnu-cpp
export CXX=$CC_PATH/arm-hardfloat-linux-gnu-g++
export AR=$CC_PATH/arm-hardfloat-linux-gnu-ar
export RANLIB=$CC_PATH/arm-hardfloat-linux-gnu-ranlib
export AS=$CC_PATH/arm-hardfloat-linux-gnu-as
export LD=$CC_PATH/arm-hardfloat-linux-gnu-ld
export NM=$CC_PATH/arm-hardfloat-linux-gnu-nm
export PREFIX=/home/william/1234/libraries/prefix/webapps/
export EXEC_PREFIX=/home/william/1234/libraries/mnt/webapps/
export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=$PREFIX/lib/pkgconfig

I use the ubuntu gcc 4.3.2 compiler to build and there is no such
problem. Previous versions of pango compiles normally with the same
cross compiler. I wonder has anybody had hit the same problem as me.

Thanks very much and Best Regards

William To

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