Re: Pango cross-compile failure (ARM)

On 12/09/2009 01:32 AM, William To wrote:
Dear All,

First of all, I am new to the world of Pango and gtk-i18n, so excuse my
lack of knowledge.


This is a problem I am facing right now with pango-1.26.1 when
cross-compiling to arm-hardfloat-linux-gnu:
I tracked down to the source and it seems that a static assertion on the
size of the USHORT/SHORT failed (too small or too large, I don't know)

That's a deal breaker.  It's basically this struct:

struct USHORT {
  char v[2];

So if the size is not 2 bytes, you need to debug and see why your compiler is doing that. And possibly find a solution. I can't help much with that.


has failed and the build is stuck here. It is possible to remove the
ASSERT_SIZE in the header file, but then it won't build either.

Here are my environmental variables:

export COMPILER=$CC_PATH/arm-hardfloat-linux-gnu-gcc
export CC=$CC_PATH/arm-hardfloat-linux-gnu-gcc
export CPP=$CC_PATH/arm-hardfloat-linux-gnu-cpp
export CXX=$CC_PATH/arm-hardfloat-linux-gnu-g++
export AR=$CC_PATH/arm-hardfloat-linux-gnu-ar
export RANLIB=$CC_PATH/arm-hardfloat-linux-gnu-ranlib
export AS=$CC_PATH/arm-hardfloat-linux-gnu-as
export LD=$CC_PATH/arm-hardfloat-linux-gnu-ld
export NM=$CC_PATH/arm-hardfloat-linux-gnu-nm
export PREFIX=/home/william/1234/libraries/prefix/webapps/
export EXEC_PREFIX=/home/william/1234/libraries/mnt/webapps/
export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=$PREFIX/lib/pkgconfig

I use the ubuntu gcc 4.3.2 compiler to build and there is no such
problem. Previous versions of pango compiles normally with the same
cross compiler. I wonder has anybody had hit the same problem as me.

Thanks very much and Best Regards

William To

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