Harfbuzz-ng merged into Pango master


Just a heads up that I finally merged the harfbuzz-ng branch into pango master. The code involves an entirely new OpenType Layout engine written from scratch (the shapers are not touched yet, but they will be moved into harfbuzz in the coming weeks). While I fix the portability issues I know tonight, I'd also like to get some feedback/testing. I plan to make a devel release tomorrow. The harfbuzz code still lives in pango, so no new dependency.

Two things that can get testing:

- Portability: Right now the code doesn't work on architectures not allowing unaligned access. I'll fix that in a couple hours. However, the new code is written in C++, and the Makefile.am hardcodes the compiler to make sure libstdc++ is not linked. More importantly, the code uses lots of templates in non-obvious ways. So, testing with non-gcc compilers is appreciated.

- If you get past compiling, then testing with normal as well as exotic fonts is appreciated. There should be a huge improvement in dealing with fonts having broken OpenType tables. That is, if pango used to warn about the tables, it should work now. Other than that, everything should work at least as good as it used to. So, any regression is a bug.


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