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I've try what you have suggested, but the value that I got from "your" function are the same of my function.
I've made some test, and I've found that the correct width and height value are these from 

cairo_image_surface_create (CA_GetFormat(), _TextBoxWidth, _TextBoxHeight);

the base function that I've to invoked. I've made a program where these value (_TextBoxWidth, _TextBoxHeight) are output value.

Is this a correct way?

Thanks in advance.

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Oggetto: Re: text extension problem

pango_layout_get_size() returns the logical (layout) size.  It sounds
like you want the ink size (which pixels will be touched when
rendered).  To get the exact ink bounds, call
pango_layout_get_extents(), passing in a non-null ink_rect and a null
logical_rect.  pango_layout_get_pixel_extents() is a convenience
function that expands the result to pixel boundaries.  Look at the
implementations in pango-layout.c and you'll see the relationship
between these functions.


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