[te_in] help with Telugu akhand (reorder)/ syllable break processing bug


I have logged a bug about Telugu akhand processing.

In the version 1.22, for Telugu
akand character1 +viram/halanth+ akhand character2 : Correct rendering of Akhand happens
akhand character1+ akhand character2+ viram/halanth : Rendering same as above, which is incorrect, as the first character is a complete syllable.

May be as a result of this  wrong akhand rendering is happening for Telugu fonts (Lohit-te and Pothana 2000) which support matras of akhand characters as in

akhand character1+ vowel modifier+ akhand character2+ Viram/halanth            is incorrectly rendering  as
akhand character1+ Viram/halanth+ akhand character2 + vowel modifier

where as the above is not a problem for telugu font (e-telugu from indolipi), which do not  have glyphs for  matras  of akhand characters.

Is the mistake in syllable break for indic/telugu or indic-ot-reorder? Any pointers to debug the same will be appreciated, as it is a critical bug for Telugu.


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