Re: [cairo] pangocairo and fonts on win32


Using uninstalled fonts with pango is not supported yet.


On 04/23/2009 02:22 AM, jstuehmer gmx net wrote:
Hey all,

I'm using cairo and pango on win32/MinGW and would like to load a ttf-font from a file.

Until now, the only way I was able to use the font was to install it via fontconfig, by copying the ttf-file to "My Documents/.fonts" and calling "fc-cache". I found that installing the font into windows system fonts was not sufficient even if fc-cache was called afterwards.

Is there also a possibility to use a font in pango/cairo without installing it via fontconfig? I would like to supply an application without an installer and therefore would like to use a font from a ttf-file directly.

I'm using the Gtk+ 2.12.9 win32 build from
in a MSYS/MinGW environment.

Thank you,
  Jan Stühmer

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