Re: pango_layout_set_height()

Am Montag, den 21.01.2008, 23:23 -0500 schrieb Behdad Esfahbod:
> Hi,
> In pango-1.19.3 that just hit the door is the new API:
> void pango_layout_set_height (PangoLayout *layout,
>                               int          height);

Behadad, thanks alot for this very useful function!
Pardon, for not commenting on the Bug yet, doing it here now.

> Height setting only has effect if a positive width is set on @layout
> and
> ellipsization mode of @layout is not %PANGO_ELLIPSIZE_NONE.  The
> behavior is undefined if a height other than -1 is set and ellipsization
> mode is set to %PANGO_ELLIPSIZE_NONE, and may change in the future.
> [....]
>   - I don't like the fact that negative numbers are per-paragraph
> limits.  But this was needed to keep compatibility with previous
> releases.  Otherwise a third mode needed to be introduced as default
> to
> behave as previous releases.  

> I don't have any concrete uses for the negative cases other than -1 at
> this time, so it's not a huge issue to me.  But read below.

GtkCalendar details would make use of other negative values than -1.
Why can't a default value of zero be used to preserve compatible
behaviour, and get arround the per-paragraph limit?

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