Re: There is some issues with glib Occitan translations

2008/1/1, Praveen A <pravi a gmail com>:
Hi Yannig,

I get build errors when trying to build glib because there was some
problems with oc.po.

I have changed all the erring entries to fuzzy. You have to match the
variables in msgstr to the same number of variables in msgid. If you
don't want to use a variable you can give %0$s.

Also I would suggest you run msgfmt -c oc.po before you commit to spot
any issues. Or use poedit/gtranslator.

Thanks for translating GNOME.

Sorry about that. I usually use msgfmt -c oc.po but I committed quite a lot of po files yesterday and I may have forgotten some of them. I'll check all now.


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