[Pango] layout's ink/log widths descrepancy


This might be a dumb question which just reveals my
misunderstanding of the lib essentials but I couldn't
find the answer myself yet. Thus, I'm asking for your
advice and/or maybe some explanation.

In general my situation is as follows:

I have a layout with a wrapping width set on it,
pango_layout_set_width(), and I calculate the final
layout width (and sebsequently the frame width which
I'm going to render this layout onto) from its ink
width (which is usually slightly bigger, especially
when italics font is used) and offset it by ink.x value.

As far as I can say, wrapping occurs when layout log
width reaches the wrapping width which breaks my
expectation that final layout ink width won't be larger
than wrapping width.

This rises two questions:
1) Is there any way to make layout not exceed some ink
   width value?
2) Am I totally wrong and this must be done some other way?

Or may be I just don't understand the meaning of ink/log
rectangles... In this case I' going to need some explanation.

Thank you in advance.

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