Re: Pango and Indic scripts

Scríobh G Karunakar:
> could you tell which font you are using? for quite sometime devanagari
> rendering has been considered working and stable.
> I am able to generate same seq. using Lohit Hindi, Gargi, FreeSans .
The Kalimati font produced this problem. Using Lohit Hindi, I was able
to get those features working, but Kalimati seems to have everything in
place to be working. It just looks like it uses different mechanisms
than Lohit. (The font is available at
> maybe good if you could outline all the problems you are finding in
> rendering so it could be decided whether the fault is (pango or the
> fonts).
With Kalimati, combinations like K.SSA or L.LA fail, as do all explicit
half-forms. I hadn't tested anything beyond that, but I'm sure other
features fail. (I don't know Hindi, however, so I have difficulty coming
up with good test cases.) Now, with Lohit Hindi, there are some issues
lining up the stem. This occurs in a few places in the phrase I'm
looking at. I can provide a screencap and the text if so desired. This
is a relatively minor issue, though, and could be anything from the font
to FreeType. I'd like to see if Kalimati could be made to work, however.
Thanks for your swift reply.

Sean Burke

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