Hebrew text rendering problem

I provide the public service site


of the Hebrew bible (Tanach) in Hebrew.  The site his based on Unicode
XSLT transformations and yields excellent rendering on all Windows
operating systems. 

Under (openSUSE 10.2) Linux the rendering with Firefox is poor. 
When I enable pango via MOZ_ENABLE_PANGO=1 the rendering improves a
great deal, but only for SHORT stretches of Hebrew text near about 30
Unicode characters.

The required font is SBL Hebrew at


and a simple test is at


The text rendering in the first 4 cells from the top is excellent.  In
the 5-th cell, which has one additional word, the markings are offset to
the left by about half a consonant width.  All longer texts are
similarly rendered poorly.

Any help you could provide would benefit Linux based users of this site

Chris Kimball
transcriber tanach us

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