Re: Compose key ignored

On 2/26/07, Leonardo Boiko <leoboiko gmail com> wrote:
Worked like a charm! Thanks, this was exactly the kind of workaround I
was looking for.  I had to switch from scim to uim, but still it's
much better than patching my own GTK and rewriting my ~/.XCompose in
another syntax (not to mention the fact that my XIM immodule was
ignoring my Compose key in the first place).

Your welcome.  I'm glad to here that.  I implemented the mechanism
treating locale dependent Compose file and ~/.XCompose in uim's
GTK+/Qt immodule and XIM bridge so that one can use their own setting
without modification.

If one just use X11's keyboard layout without any input method, i.e.
through "direct" input method in uim, it only handles X11's compose
input and doesn't consume any extra memory for other input methods.
Of course one can use/switch to other complicated input method like
"Anthy" Japanese input method with uim, and even with these
complicated input methods, uim handles X11's compose input
simultaneously in its direct mode.


Etsushi Kato
ek kato gmail com

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