Re; Error compiling Pango

 > I'm compiling the pango-1.17.0 source on mingw-gcc version 3.4.4 and cywgin.

What you say doesn't make sense. Either you compile Pango for Win32
with mingw (= gcc targeting Win32), or you compile it for Cygwin using
the Cygwin gcc, which has nothing to do with mingw. I really don't
know what you mean when you say you are compiling Pango *on* mingw
*and* Cygwin. You should not confuse "plain" Win32 and Cygwin.

But proabbly you are just confused and what you actually do is build
Pango for Cygwin? In that case have you made it clear to yourself
whether you want to build pangocairo to use the Win32 backend or the
FT2 backend? As far as I know one has to configure and build Pango
separately for these two cases. Are you even sure whether you want to
produce a Pango to be used by GTK+ programs running on an X11 display,
or directly on Win32?

(Personally I have only experience with building Pango for Win32, with
no X11 involved. I have never tried to build it for Cygwin. I tend to
avoid Cygwin completely in all GTK+/Pango/GLib/GNOME related work.)

Anyway, why aren't you using the latest version, 1.17.5 instead of
1.17.0? It's pointless to try to figure out what your problem is when
you use an outdated version of the sources. 

 >  gcc -g -O2 -Wall -o pangoft2topgm.exe pangoft2topgm.o 

Not to mention that there is no pangoft2topgm.c in the sources any
more. It was removed on 2006-02-06. See Changelog.pre-1-12.

> ../pango/.libs/libpangowin32-1.0.a ../pango/.libs/libpangox-1.0.a ../pango/.libs/libpangoxft-1.0.a 

This indeed seems very confused, you are linking with both libpangox
and libpangowin32.


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