Re: [Scim-devel] RFC: scim and gnome 2.18

Daniel Glassey wrote:
I'd like to start discussion about proposing SCIM[1] to be included in
gnome 2.18 as the default IME so that languages/scripts that need more
than xkb layouts are supported by default.

Great idea! I have wanted to work on closer integration of Input Methods (IM) and GNOME for some time.
Add a checkbox to the 'Keyboard' tab - something like 'Enable complex
input methods'. If scim is not installed then this will be disabled,
and something somewhere will tell you how to install scim to get this
If this is checked then scim will be started at startup
Behind the scenes scim will be configured to start with X.
In Debian there is a script called im-switch that sets up the environment for
IMEs. Hopefully that could be made into a freedesktop project for
other distros to use as well. Or if there is another way to do it that
would be good as well.

BTW in Fedora Core 6 we have added a simple user IM setup tool called im-chooser written by Akira Tagoh to make it easier for users to turn IM on or off.
There will be an extra button on keyboard preferences to call scim
config e.g. Complex &Input.

This requires X to be restarted so it would be useful to have a way to
log out and restart X rather than having to do a full reboot .
In the longer term I would like to see even tighter IM integration so that the desktop does not need to be restarted to activate (or deactivate) IM.


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