Re: [gtk-i18n-list] Bold fonts not bold on MAC?


On Sat, 23 Sep 2006 19:01:42 +0200
Ulrich von Zadow <coder c-base org> wrote:
>Um - my turn to be sorry now :-(.
>Thanks to your tests, I now have a working version of libavg with
>old-mac-font support. Sadly, it only works on PPC macs, because if
>freetype is built --with-old-mac-fonts on Intel mac, fc-cache segfaults.

Ah, sorry for lacking the important notice. QuickDraw
support code for freetype-2.2.1 and older versions is
only tested on m68k and ppc platforms (because I had
no access to i386 Mac at that time). The latest freetype2
on CVS is fixed for i386 platform.

>Also, --with-old-mac-fonts introduces dependencies on some apple
>frameworks that pkg-config doesn't report. I had to add
>  -framework ApplicationServices -framework CoreFoundation
>by hand to libraries using freetype.

Yes, this is another problem. And, I remember that
some old version of pkg-config cannot pass these options
to linker even when these options are included in .pc files
(latest pkg-config is ok, but Apple ships older one?).
I asked if such options should be inserted into .pc files
and freetype-config --libs, in ft-devel list, but nobody
replied. If you know any other softwares that inserts such
very platform specific options into .pc files, please let
me know, I want to refer that.

>> There might be several solutions:
>> 1. Use old mac font support for Mac OS X.
>>    1-a: Use Carbon-based old mac font (--with-old-mac-fonts).
>>    1-b: Polish Carbon-free old mac font support
>>    1-c: FreeType2 should ignore .dfont by default
>> 2. Fix the inconsistency between fontconfig and Pango backend.
>>    2-a: fontconfig should ignore .dfont
>>    2-b: Pango should accept .dfont
>If I understood your mail correctly, installing libavg in this way (with
>--with-mac-old-fonts) will cause errors with other pango-based
>applications on the same machine, and that clearly isn't what we want.

Yes, if libavg installs its own private copy of libfreetype
with-old-mac-fonts, its behaviour differs from other applications
using Apple's "official" /usr/X11R6/lib/

In addition to, when a user execute fc-cache normally,
it updates fontconfig database to exclude .dfont files.
He must keep it in mind to execute fc-cache with appropriate
DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH. I think it's not pragmatic.

>Also, if I understand your mail correctly, not supporting .dfont at all
>(2-a and 1-c) will make some fonts (including the installed arial) on
>Apples unavailable, and that probably isn't such a good idea either.

I see. Therefore, the expected solution might be 1-b.
I will take a look, but possibly I cannot proceed until
the end of November.


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