Re: [gtk-i18n-list] Bold fonts not bold on MAC?

mpsuzuki hiroshima-u ac jp wrote:

> Sorry for long lated response. 

Um - my turn to be sorry now :-(.

Thanks to your tests, I now have a working version of libavg with
old-mac-font support. Sadly, it only works on PPC macs, because if
freetype is built --with-old-mac-fonts on Intel mac, fc-cache segfaults.
This is the case with freetype 2.1.10 and 2.2.1 as well as fontconfig
2.3.1, 2.3.2 and 2.4.0. If you need more information to track this down,
please ask.

Also, --with-old-mac-fonts introduces dependencies on some apple
frameworks that pkg-config doesn't report. I had to add

  -framework ApplicationServices -framework CoreFoundation

by hand to libraries using freetype.

> There might be several solutions:
> 1. Use old mac font support for Mac OS X.
>    1-a: Use Carbon-based old mac font (--with-old-mac-fonts).
>    1-b: Polish Carbon-free old mac font support
>    1-c: FreeType2 should ignore .dfont by default
> 2. Fix the inconsistency between fontconfig and Pango backend.
>    2-a: fontconfig should ignore .dfont
>    2-b: Pango should accept .dfont

If I understood your mail correctly, installing libavg in this way (with
--with-mac-old-fonts) will cause errors with other pango-based
applications on the same machine, and that clearly isn't what we want.
Also, if I understand your mail correctly, not supporting .dfont at all
(2-a and 1-c) will make some fonts (including the installed arial) on
Apples unavailable, and that probably isn't such a good idea either.



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