Re: PangoOpenGLRenderer - a tale of code duplication

On Wed, 2006-07-19 at 09:24 +0200, Marc Lehmann wrote:

> > If you just send me the list of API you need public (as in
> > PANGO_ENABLE_BACKEND), I'll review and make them available.
> The only private API function I _currently_ use is:
>    void pango_fc_font_get_raw_extents (PangoFcFont *font, FT_Int32 load_flags, PangoGlyph glyph, PangoRectangle *ink_rect, PangoRectangle *logical_rect);

Makes sense.

> I will put this ("create a opengl renderer within current pango sources") on
> my TODO list (that means I will _eventually_ work on it for sure :).

I opened a bug to track this stuff.  Feel free to use it for further

> - its not appropriate to move the opengl renderer into pangoft2. To move it
>   cleanly into its own "backend library" pangofc would need to be unbundled
>   from pangoft2 - or the opengl renderre depends on pangoft2 although it does
>   not use it.

That's not an issue. pangoft2 is such a small piece of code that doesn't
deserve a separate .so file.  Xft and cairo backends are already
depending on it with no problem.


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