Re: Chinese Traditional appearance -- mixed weights?

I am chinese,
Actually,in redhat linux, both RedHat and Fedora Core,
many applications's  display are ugly.

On 10/4/06, Greg Aumann <Greg_Aumann sil org> wrote:
Owen Taylor wrote:
> It really sounds like you have a simplified Chinese document. The
> difference between ja-jp/en-us and zh-tw is likely because the first
> Han font in your fontconfig configuration is a Japanese font.
It is a simplified Chinese document.

> Sorry for the excessive level of detail here; I couldn't figure out
> a good place to stop and simplify. Though, trust me, there's still
> a fair a bit of complexity I *didn't* get to above. :-)
Actually I appreciate very much the detailed but clear explanation.
Thanks for taking the time. I am going to need to chew on it for a while
though, and go through my fontconfig setup examining the fonts to try
and sort out what is going on.

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